Thank you for your interest in YWAM Ålesund's Creative Discipleship Training School, where faith is truly an adventure! Please follow each step in the application process. Once we receive your application, our registrar will contact you. If you have questions, please email

1. Complete the application

Please take your time and prayerfully complete the application forms in its entirety. When complete, please click the submit button at the bottom of the application to send the form to the YWAM Ålesund registrar.

2. Choose a creative track

This is the creative track you will be attending while on your Creative DTS (learn more about each track here!). It is not possible to join multiple tracks, but we encourage you to pursue your other creative outlets outside of track time. Choose one of the following forms and fill it out. 

3. References

Please prayerfully consider the people you would like to ask to complete a reference for you. They should be people who know you well, who can accurately express who you are.

Please ask your references for permission to use them as your reference, then e-mail them the appropriate link below.

4. Personal medical form

Fill out the form. When it's completed, pleas click the submit button at the bottom of the form. 

We will be in contact with you soon after we receive your application! Your application can be accepted after your application and references have been received and reviewed.