Come experience what it means to create with our Creator and impact the nations with art. The Creative Discipleship Training School trains and equips artists to use their creative gifts as disciples of Jesus. This 5 months school will take you deeper in relationship with God, help you develop your character as an artist and follower of Jesus, and prepare you for missions in all parts of society. 


The Creative DTS was started in 1998 and was the first of its kind. Since the beginning our vision has been to train and equip creatives to grow in their relationship with God and to be a prophetic voice to impact the arts industry for His Kingdom.  

Right now, the Creative DTS runs 5 different tracks: Photography, Dance, Fine-Art, Music, and Barista.


Discipleship Training School is the transformational school that YWAM has run for over 40 years that trains young people to know God and make Him known.


Sept. 15 2022 - Feb. 10 2023

January 13 - June 10, 2023 

Sept. 15 2023 - Feb. 10, 2024


Lecture phase  30,000 NOK


Outreach 35,000 NOK


Our tracks are a part of the Creative DTS. During this 5-month Discipleship Training School, we are excited to partner godly discipleship training with creative tracks that will leave you inspired in the areas of coffee, photography, fine art, music, writing and dance depending on what track you choose.

"I stepped out of my past and into the present. Saying yes to Jesus unlocked a greater intimacy together and it's rapidly growing each day."


Outreach is all about making God known among the nations. It is a 2 months phase of the school to put into practice what you’ve learned in the lecture phase. Outreach is an exciting opportunity to learn about practical evangelism, how to use your art to serve and glorify God, and to grow your heart for missions and other cultures. We have gone to many different nations before and always seek God’s heart for each year.


Lecture Weeks are a time of deepening your relationship with God and training for missions. Teachers from across the world come to teach on various topics including Biblical Foundations, Hearing God’s Voice, The Lordship of Christ, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism, and more.

Creative Fridays and Tuesday track afternoons during the lecture weeks will inspire and activate you in your art form. You will be in you chosen creative track where there will be time for training, projects, and practical application in your art form. 

“It's helped me be free from what was holding me back from fully realizing God's plans for me.”