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Our tracks are a part of the Creative DTS. During this six-month Discipleship Training School course, we are excited to partner godly discipleship training with creative tracks that will leave you inspired in the areas of coffee, photography, fine art, music, dance, and writing depending on what track you choose. Tracks vary from school to school, depending on staff availability and number of applicants. Below is information about all of the creative tracks in our Creative DTS.


The Barista Track is designed to explore what more coffee has to offer. Get ready to spend time behind the coffee bar in Aroma, pulling espresso shots and pouring latte art. Baristas will learn how to make speciality coffees, get a chance to see behind the scenes of coffee roasting, and learn cafe and hospitality skills. 

We are partnered with three local businesses, JACU Coffee Roastery, Precious Beans Coffee Roastery, and Dråpe Kaffehus. All are a part of making the Barista Track a memorable expeirence.


Develop your gift of dance, choreography skills, and Holy Spirit led movement on the Dance Track. Dancers explore how they can tell stories through movement. While quality is important, technique is not the main focus of this track.


The Fine Art track is designed to equip you with various tools that help you communicate through your visual art. Artists will explore a variety of mediums, learn technique and collaborate with other creative tracks. Come learn how to bless others with your art through prophetic art and worship painting. The Katedral Studio is equipped to give you the space to be inspired, conceptualize, and create. Quality is valued, but technique and foundational art skills are not the focus of this track.




The Film Track is a space where you can grow in practical film knowledge and become confident in your ability to share stories. Being in a creative community will allow you to push the boundaries of what film means to you.

Film track students will create multiple short films that document Christ-centered stories. They will work alongside other tracks and will be challenged to share their perspective of outreach through film.
What stories do you want to tell?

The Music Track gives you the opportunity to practice songwriting, improve your musicianship, and use a recording studio. While theory is not the focus of this track, you can expand your skills during track times. Come write the song of your generation. 

The Photography Track is designed to equip photographers to capture the world around them with creativity and excellence. Photographers will learn practical skills, like how to use your camera equipment and edit photos. You will explore dynamic storytelling and composition. Set aside the time to invest in your personal style and how you want to communicate your unique perspective of the world. Come explore the beautiful Norwegian fjords and take the opportunity to capture international stories on outreach. What will you do with the moments you photograph?


Dive into the world of writing together with God. In the Writing Track, you can discover and develop your voice through different writing types. You will explore writing scripts, editorials, poems, prophetic writing, and more. Writing technique is not the focus of this track. Come grow your identity in Jesus and your gifting as a writer. Here you are free to create, explore, and have fun with other writers. What stories will you tell?
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