Today’s society is in fast motion, filled with opportunities and expectations of who you should be. To keep the faith in Jesus, to serve others as He does and build life on God´s Word can be an enormous challenge. A Discipleship Training School is put together to give you training and experiences to strengthen you for this challenge. 

Outdoor DTS will also give you experiences in the Norwegian outdoors and with development work in Papua New Guinea. The purpose is to give you opportunity to expand your perspective and understand what it means to live life to the fullest.

This is a five month active DTS - join us conquering mountains and building strong foundations for your future.

Outdoor DTS Video


Lecture weeks consist of various subjects taught by teachers from across the world. The DTS curriculum includes topics on the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, Intercession, Healthy Relationships, Hearing God’s Voice, God’s Character and Missions. Students are required to attend these classes each day during lecture weeks.

Outdoors adventures - Every week of lecture phase we plan at least one activity. This could be for example a morning run on a track with a view, afternoon hike up a hill, bonfire on a beach, going to the bouldering hall, evening kayak paddle or exploring countryside etc.

About three weekends of the lecture phase will be spent in the outdoor scenery. Some examples of this might be a trip to a remote cabin, camping on an island, or going on a boat expedition to the beautiful fjords.

Outreach phase - For the last 8 weeks of the DTS we will travel to Papua New Guinea. There we will live in remote villages and work alongside with local initiatives to develop communities. These activities can include teaching on faith and creativity, working together with individuals and families to build their communities.


Outdoor DTS is arranged with lectures at YWAM Ålesund and outreach serving YWAM Medical Ships - Australia’s strategies for Papua New Guinea (PNG). YWAM Medical Ships is using a training and medical ship and land-based teams in PNG to see major sustainable health improvement and education defining health as being not simply the absence of illness but the presence of wellbeing. With an holistic approach, the shared goal is healthy villages building a healthy nation.

YWAM Ålesund has a strong belief in the people of Papua New Guinea and the future for their nation. With it’s hospitable and friendly culture, vast and untouched geography it is an amazing country to serve. As YWAM Medical Ships has developed local relationships and quality development strategies they are the perfect organisation to partner with as we join in belief for Papua New Guinea.


January 14, 2021 -

Mid-June, 2021


Lecture phase  30,000 NOK


Outreach 35,000 NOK