Step outside, and you’ll find roaring waterfalls and screaming gulls, crashing waves and thundering winds. But you’ll also hear a quieter silence. Trek a ridgeline path or scale the face of a cliff or race along the coastline, and you might experience a stillness that floods your mind and heart with a deeper rest than sleep.

Outdoor DTS at YWAM Ålesund is a five-month discipleship training school designed to strengthen your body, spirit, and soul through teaching, community, and opportunities to encounter God in His creation. You’ll venture into nordic landscapes to hike, climb, camp, and more alongside a passionate group of young people who will encourage you to go further than you thought possible. 

But this isn’t just an outdoor adventure program in Norway. It’s an active training that focuses on character, endurance, and the joy we experience when we carry truth and mercy to all nations. Who you are when you’re on the trail shapes your character at home. Conquering the most treacherous section of the climbing wall will affect how you overcome obstacles in the future. Tired muscles, shortened breath, wet clothes—these won’t last forever. But the words you speak with a wandering friend as you stand in a mountain’s shadow may impact their life for eternity. 

During Outdoor DTS, you’ll commit to investing in your relationship with God and with others. You’ll build strong biblical foundations, strengthen your wilderness skills, and ultimately gain perspective on how your passion for the outdoors can be used to know the Creator who shaped each slope and stream—and make Him known.



This is the first three-month segment of the DTS. You’ll dive deep into topics like the gospel, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, intercession, healthy relationships, hearing God’s voice, God’s character, and missions, all taught by teachers from around the world. Students are required to attend these classes each day during lecture weeks.



These could be anything from hiking, survival or strength training, running on a track with a view, kayaking, bouldering, climbing, and more. During the lecture phase these normally happen on Tuesday afternoons and all day Friday.

About three weekends of the lecture phase will be spent outdoors. This might mean a trip to a remote cabin, hiking across an island, or going on a boat expedition to the fjords.


Outreach phase is when all DTS students travel to another country for eight weeks after the lecture phase to live and work alongside local initiatives to develop communities. On outreach, opportunities abound to meet practical and spiritual needs that will impact generations. As a base we send to many places, with a main focus on working with YWAM Medical Ships in Papua New Guinea.



Outdoor DTS is arranged with lectures at YWAM Ålesund and outreach serving YWAM Medical Ships - Australia’s strategies for Papua New Guinea (PNG). YWAM Medical Ships is using a training and medical ship and land-based teams in PNG to see major sustainable health improvement and education defining health as being not simply the absence of illness but the presence of wellbeing. With an holistic approach, the shared goal is healthy villages building a healthy nation.

YWAM Ålesund has a strong belief in the people of Papua New Guinea and the future for their nation. With it’s hospitable and friendly culture, vast and untouched geography it is an amazing country to serve. As YWAM Medical Ships has developed local relationships and quality development strategies they are the perfect organisation to partner with as we join in belief for Papua New Guinea.

“Everyone builds each other up, supports and pushes each other. You don't feel alone at all. This community is so powerful and amazing to experience and do crazy stuff together.”

— Josh



Sept. 15 2022 - Feb. 10 2023

January 17 - June 14, 2023 

Sept. 15 2023 - Feb. 10, 2024


Lecture phase  30,000 NOK


Outreach 35,000 NOK