We want to invite you on a journey to experience and learn the amazing potential that dance has when we partner with the Holy Spirit. We believe there is great power in dance to release the workings of the Holy Spirit in ourselves and others.  


The vision of the school is to experience and learn how dance can express the heart of God and further his Kingdom. You will grow in co-creating with God and seeing Him bring healing, connection, freedom, breakthrough and inspire hope through your dance. 

Foundational to the school is learning to hear the voice of God and to translate what you have heard into dance. You will practice being in the presence of the Lord and allowing Him to guide the process of movement. It is important that you cultivate a solid personal relationship and intimacy with God and to hear His voice first for yourself and then for others. 

"I could practice a freedom here in a safe place, dancing closer to the heartbeat of God connecting to one body of Christ, listening, creating, having a voice: to let God talk to and through us and give it all back to him."


To grow in the prophetic, this means learning to dance your prayers spontaneously as intercession; using dance in prayer rooms and worship services; encountering God through movement and releasing His working in both personal worship times and corporate worship settings. We also want to bring dance to people who don’t know Jesus and use it as a tool to prophesy over them. 

In addition to expressing God’s heart with spontaneous movement we will be choreographing pieces based on prophetic words and scripture. Even though improving technique is not the main focus of the school, we want to create high quality art and aim for excellence. That is why the teaching will include training in various dance styles and techniques.


What are some of the classroom topics?  

We will have classroom lectures that support your journey as a prophetic dancer. Topics can include Prophetic Ministry, Priestly call of the Artist, Worship, Intercession, Intimacy with God, Lifestyle as an Artist and much more. We are running this school simultaneously with the School of Prophetic Fine Art and are sharing a significant number of the lectures with them. 

"I felt like I gained a complete freedom to just to be who I am and quit letting the enemy tell me lies. I am powerful!"


  • Understanding and exercising prophetic dance ministry 

  • Dancing in worship as ministry to the body of Christ 

  • Revealing God’s heart through movement 

  • Expressing your heart and connect with God through movement 

  • Choreographing pieces based on prophetic words and scripture 

  • Intercession and spiritual warfare through dance


  • Discipleship Training School (DSP 211, 212) 

  • Some dance technique in ballet, contemporary and/or jazz 

  • Being comfortable with dance improvisation


March to May  of 2021

(exact dates TBA)


35,000 NOK

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