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These core values are part of our everyday life at YWAM Ålesund. They shape how we interact, work, and play. Learn what we're all about—and if this sounds like you, join us!

1. Abide in Christ.

Our source of strength is not ourselves, and if we’re not filling our hungry souls with truth, we quickly wander and weaken. We encourage and keep each other accountable to spend time in God’s word, prayer, worship, and community on a regular basis. This is foundational to ministry and all parts of life. 

2. Practice hospitality.

We love making everyone feel at home. We keep cozy rooms, cook nourishing meals, and have open hearts. Hospitality isn’t only for our incredible hospitality team—as we welcome guests, students, and staff from around the world, each person on base is part of making sure that anyone who comes is seen and included. 

3. Do first, then teach.

Jesus discipled his friends by living the kind of life He wanted them to live, then teaching them how to do the same. We aim to follow His example, believing that leaders are servants who pursue the growth of their followers.

4. Invest in everyone.

We try our best to connect with each person, investing time, heart, and mind into building and maintaining relationships. We encourage engagement between staff, students, and tracks, working together to build every person up as we creatively pursue the same goal. 

5. Treat everyone with kindness.

When we treat others with kindness, we are honoring them and our Creator. We make every effort to see people, love well, and think of others before ourselves. We don’t put each other down but rather build each other up with our words and actions. 

6. Be faithful in the small.

We take notice of what needs to be tended to around us, and we take opportunities to get even the small things done. When we’re faithful with little, we can be blessed with much. 

7. Steward everything well.

We are each stewards of individual giftings, passions, time, and responsibilities. We are also stewards of our base, belongings, relationships, and much more. Each of these are gifts that should be used well, for the glory of God and the good of others. 

8. Eagerly take initiative.

We encourage doing things in new ways. If we see a need we can meet, we strive to meet it. If anyone needs a hand, we lend it. We joyfully maintain an environment where anyone on base can practice leadership and pursue new endeavors that utilize their unique giftings.

9. Have a culture of exhortation.

We sharpen each other, encouraging often, keeping each other accountable, and helping each other walk in the way of Jesus even when it’s hard. We work to do this often with both grace and truth. 

10. Timeliness is loving toward others.

We are timely! We respect each other’s availability. We also strive to have a good balance between working hard, having fun, and resting well. 

11. Take every chance to celebrate.

We delight in big and small things—new faces joining us around the dinner table, a well-brewed cup of coffee, answers to prayer. There is always reason to rejoice, so we practice rejoicing often—whether through an excited shout, a fun event, or more. 

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