Exciting news for fine artists! Start your professional career this Fall! Extended Creative DTS. Ywam Ålesund and the Florence Classical Arts Academy present a brand new cooperation! One-Year fine art program accredited by the Tuscany Region of Italy and fully accredited DTS from the University of the Nations.

Florence Classical Art Academy


Jan -Jul 2021: Ålesund, Norway.

March 2021: One week study trip to Florence

April- May 2021: Outreach to Papua New Guinea

Aug - Dec 2021: Florence, Italy.


The Creative DTS in Ålesund will give you God’s perspective on arts, access to an international creative environment, as well provide life changing teaching on the subjects such as God the Creator, influencing culture and more. 

Ålesund is known for its creative and innovative vibe, unique architecture, and beautiful surroundings.


The outreach takes you to Papua New Guinea where you will have the opportunity to share what you have learned, work together with YWAM Medical Ships, and engage with the beautiful people of Papua New Guinea. 

Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and the place of key creative movements and discoveries in human history. You will be exposed to remarkable historical landmarks, ancient churches, amazing museums with world-famous original artworks of great masters, and of course the inspiring people and rich Italian culture.  


From late February to August you will have your third phase in Florence - the professional training in Visual Arts with the Florence Classical Arts Academy teachers and experienced artists practicing in the field. Your weekly schedule will include 20-25 hours of class hours of face-to-face with the teacher training and around 8-10 hours of homework. 

You will have theoretical and practical classes on the following subjects: 

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Artistic Anatomy

  • Composition

  • Technique And Technology Of Painting

  • Colour Science

  • Sketches 

  • Plein-Air Practice

  • Physiognomy

  • Muesum Practice

  • Contructive Drawing

  • Art History 1​

Upon completion of the professional training program, you will be eligible to continue in the second year with Florence Classical Art Academy towards completing a Three-Year program and receiving a Diploma.

During the lecture phase in Ålesund we will blend different tracks into one DTS, so here you will have an exciting time to know other art forms as well as growing in your relationship with God. There will be worship, prayer, evangelism, small groups and follow up from staff that really care for you and your walk with God.

Since the school is accredited in the Italian/EU educational system, it gives you access to applying for scholarships and educational loans from the European Union countries. 

The validity of the Diploma is spread in Italy and in all EU countries. 

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us: info@ywamaalesund.org