and Encouragement from YWAM Ålesund

In response to the Scriptures and the good of our communities throughout the world that we are in contact with, YWAM Ålesund is committing to respecting the directives of the governments that are establishing actions and restrictions to bring down the spread and impact of the corona virus.  Therefore, we currently are not running large public activities that call for assembling people and increasing risk of transmission. We are using all the precautions assigned by the Norwegian Health authorities. We are able to continue with laying more infrastructure for our base and our schools at this time.

Although we are not happy about the virus or its physical impact, we do trust in the ability and faithfulness of our God to bring much good out of this, as only He can.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


A few Scriptures of encouragement:

Romans 8:28 reminds that God will bring good from all things to those who love Him.

Mark 8:37 reminds us of what is truly important eternally, and we can take encouragement that challenges, sufferings and changes such as we are experiencing now can cause us to pause and consider things in a deeper way than we may typically, when we are busy.

2 Cor.12:9 reminds us that Christ can be glorified and make us stronger through our weakness.

Many students are worried or reconsidering their plans for this or next year. What about taking a DTS in Ålesund? 


As a gap year to refocus and reconsider/prepare the direction you are heading in education, job, or career paths.  DTS gives a great base of leaning on God, listening to Him, and experiencing His hand in other countries in unusual ways.

YWAM Ålesund Base Leadership Team