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The vision for this Discipleship Training School is to train and equip people to use their creative gifts as disciples of Jesus Christ. This 5 month school gives you the tools to develop your character on a personal and spiritual level while also gaining knowledge in how to prophetically engage with your art form. We also want to inspire and challenge artists in how they see creativity and God as a creator.

The Creative DTS was founded in 1998 and it was the first of its kind. Since the beginning we have strived to help artists connect with God and prophetically impact culture.  


Lecture weeks consists of various subjects taught by teachers from across the world. The DTS curriculum includes topics on the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Relationships, Hearing God’s Voice, God’s Character, Evangelism and Missions. Students are required to attend these classes from each day during lecture weeks apart from Fridays.  

Creative Fridays during each Lecture week will be reserved for joining your chosen creative track.  Each track has a track leader who is responsible for leading the track activities which can also happen on an evening during the week. Some Fridays the track leaders may invite speakers to inspire and teach. Some Fridays there may also be collaboration between tracks.  

Creative Weekends – these weekends will invite artists who are already working in their chosen field. The aim is to inspire younger artists to see what is possible but also to find connection and seek the Lord together. These weekends have a lot of performances, workshops, interviews with artists and time to fellowship together.


The DTS Outreach is a 2 month phase of the DTS that will take place in a country other than Norway.  The last few years we have been traveling to several locations in the past – the last few years we have travelled to Japan, South Africa, India and different parts of Europe. 


On outreach you get the chance to put into practice what you have learned during the DTS spiritually and creatively. We will intercede for people and places we are visiting, ask God for direction in ministry and evangelise the way He asks us to. We also aim to invest in locations, returning to ministries that we can support and grow long term relationships with. This is a time to serve, love and cherish the nations with our Father's love.


September 2020 to 

February 2021


60,000 NOK

(Includes Lecture and Outreach Fees)